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Animal Hoarding Cleanup Services Southeast MI

Feces and pet urine can be dangerous hazards to anyone’s health and animal hoarding conditions can be very severe. When cleaning up after animal hoarders, it’s important to realize and hire someone with the proper training because if the staff is not properly trained it could cause health problems for everyone involved. We deal with animal hoarding situations and has completed numerous jobs throughout the years.


According to The Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium (HARC) animal hoarding has these four main signs:

  1. The inability to offer the necessary standards for sanitation, food, water, and medical care and space for animals.
  2. Not understanding how the situation will affect the animals and the humans that reside in the home.
  3. Although the dwelling is falling apart structurally and health environment, the resident continues to collect animals.
  4. Avoiding the fact that there is a serious issue.

There are other signs and issues which can arise from animal hoarding but sadly it ruins the health of many individuals each year because they don’t have the knowledge or awareness of the surroundings which they live in at the time. Most animal hoarders are genuinely nice people, and the situation can be solved to provide a healthy and livable environment for the individual.

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